Standards And Class 2



There are several standards for the establishment of a recloser:
The c15-100 authorizes the establishment of a recloser circuit breaker on the ERDF – only in connection with a DOWNSTREAM …. It also requires that the site be considered as an isolated website …. Warning! Although the site is isolated, it is impossible to put a recloser in the stall beside the ERDF Street … We need the ERDF breaker is integrated into your main electrical panel …
C14-100 also allows a recloser. If in fact you can not put directly into the stall recloser ERDF, you can apply for exemption from ERDF, in order to switch NO ERDF differential head, and then put a GFCI with a recloser in your main switchboard – connections advised DOWNSTREAM, you can wire Upstream, but your installation should be in Class 2 – Between breaker ERDF and your GFCI ….
The C17-200 This standard allows the recloser for street lighting – C17-202 electric garland – C17-210 lighting (monuments) …
International Standard IEC 60364 also authorizes the establishment of a recloser, even in the domestic sphere! Caution! we advise you to check your electrical system before setting up this type of device ….. We simply recommend reclosers in a second home. And we must put the recloser Off when you are present …..
Caution! C15-100 prohibits reset a circuit breaker or inter-30mA differential ….


Some information about the Class 2, and the establishment of a recloser:
Note: A device may be Class II, but not necessarily your mains!
* No longer allowed in France for the fixtures and exclusively for non-humid areas and non-conductive.
* Free environment provided by a ground potential protection.
* A « fault current » can not be established through the individual, between the device and the earth.
* Provided by the grounding of the device protection.
* The « fault current » settling in the conductor connecting the mass of the product to ground causes the operation of the safety device (differential).
* The protection CLASS I is subject to the quality of the electrical connections made between the mass of the product and the earth.
* Ensured by a set of constructive provisions making it unlikely that a power of the mass of the device protection.
* Addition of extra « insulation » in the main insulation.
* Metal Parts live parts inaccessible to the user basic insulation.
* No possibility of grounding the ground (eliminating risk of contact voltage).
So when you make a connection to your recloser Upstream, your device must be compliant Class II. Some overplay 300mA RCD protecting the recloser, and motorization. But 300mA differential protection has never protected the people! We recommend putting a 30mA, or simply create a class II box in your main electrical panel. Caution! there is a risk that the 30mA freaks out during a thunderstorm, even if our system is not grounded …. (recovered ground)
Box Class II: Just as your package is double insulated, with already Upstream circuit breakers, separators terminals and terminal covers. But we also need your plastic case covers the front circuit breakers, and it is also equipped with an insulating background …. It must be impossible to reach a conductor cables on the box! Of course, a label « Box Class II » shall be specified by an adhesive ….




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