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New – Recloser/motor for modular circuit breaker Schneider C60 and iC60

Recloser/Motor ARC ref RDC60 for modular circuit breakers Bipolar only!

This system will adapt the recloser engine, according to the MCB pole that you already have on site!

In fact, we plan to adjust this, and the mechanics are interchangeable, depending on the switch lever to maneuver!

Of course, it will indicate when ordering brand-pole circuit breaker. Example RDC60/GE for Bipolar GE breakers or RDC60/C60 for Merlin Gerin circuit breakers Bipolar old model …..

Version available 48VDC ………

Notice RDC60gb


Relestor/Ballast-heaver CHRD-GE or LG

New ARC  - CHRD – Relestor/Ballast-heaver – This feature allows for a return area, or reset the breaker head! With a delay of up tempo and one or two circuit breakers, voluntarily cutting out! This unit can not rise above, or wish to modify the subscription ERDF in the Four pole to pole, when one adds an extra element of an installation! Eg addition of a bay on a 4G Telecom website (63A), we divested as Abbott two unscheduled departures in the system (eg is back after 4 minutes for the first and for the second breaker 8mn) – Configurable 4 mn … 62mn


Coffret 1

Lightning cabinet

Our boxes are equipped with :
On the automatic reclosing system disjunction, to ensure continuity of unmanned service ! On guard against surges
of atmospheric origin, and industrial (lightning, engine starting,harmonics, etc…)
Brand LG2M allowing a very efficient way to eliminate indirect surge waveforme 8/20 us, protecting sensitive equipment
(telecom radio berries, robots, computers, etc…) The LG2M materials (CR LGTEC 400V) complies with the NF 61 643-11,
it ensures the continuity and effectiveness of your sensitive equipment !
The installation of these boxes must comply with implementing rules under UTE 15UL 443 and NFC 15.100.
- Mini wiring length 50cm (respected in the box)
- Selectivity device protection (circuit breaker or fuse)
- the cabinet meets these rules, but connecting th box to the active network and the earth should be as
short as possible.
The surge protectors used are Type 2, with a flow capacity of 40kA – And a lower efficiency : (Up):
- for L/PE 2.2 to 20kA and 1.5 to 5kA
- for N/PE 2 to 20kA and 1.25 to 5kA

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