How It Works ?

Before installing a recloser to overcome defects disjunction already have your installation conforms to standards.
Caution! recloser is set to precisely distinguish the lack of conformity installation … So it may crash if your system does not comply!
You will find below the operating principle of reclosers CRA standard version. Caution! For modular products, it is possible to change the delay.
So you find the mode of operation:
- A fault franc = Short Circuit = Block
- On 5 consecutive trials transient faults = Block
- On the automatic reset restarts product = 5 tests


Standard Operating – Bolted Fault

Principle of operation of a recloser fault Franc ….

See the explanatory drawing above!

In a first disjunction, the ARC makes his attempt, and if the circuit breaker, all redisjoncte immediately after (- 2 seconds), then the machine stops.

The range of modular reclosers, it is possible to do several tests Francs defects with a specific delay! Caution! do not abuse it!!

Reset remotely! Some reclosers are equipped with system reset remotely! In this case, we do not recommend using it, as we do not know the operating condition of the site (fire – short-circuit serious etc ….)

Option: Alarm output in dry contact for this information!


Standard Operating – Block of 5 consecutive trials

Lock device on 5 consecutive trials! standard programming

The device allows five consecutive trials before crash.

It hangs after 5 attempts, if the aggregate of (A) the reactivation of the circuit breaker does not exceed 180s.

Of course, these settings can be changed on modular reclosers, where you can change the number of resets and delays vary according to tests carried out on the transient faults


Standard Operating – automatic reset

Automatic reset of the device.

When the device performs resets, it accounts for its failure …. and at the end of the fifth consecutive trials, it calculates the time of release to service the breaker …..

Example: he has recorded three consecutive faults, but the time of restarting the circuit breaker (switch closed) is greater than 3 minutes (180 seconds), then the machine cancels the defects and left for 5 retries ….. ..

Editable on the modular range!


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